If you haven’t heard of the band Swig, prepare yourself for a group that has a very dynamic approach to music that just might catch you off guard. Those that have seen their live shows have described Swig as “bluesy boozy beauties” and “the stoner rock band Indianapolis has been missing.”

This indie blues band that writes and performs their own material is influenced by blues artists such as RL Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, Big Mamma Thornton and other Delta Blues icons. On the other side, they are shaped by modern rock artists such as Beware of Darkness, Elbow, Aloe Blacc, the Black Keys and White Stripes. Somewhere in between these two realms lies Swig.


Swig is made up of Brian Petersen (guitar/vocals), Leigh Marino (bass/vocals) and Jamie Jackson (drums). Brian got his start in music in middle and high school concert bands. He started playing the bass in bands around Bloomington as he went through college, eventually switching to guitar in the last few years. Prior to Swig, he played with God Made Robots. He also makes the best crab-stuffed portabella mushrooms.

Leigh taught herself how to play bass and has been playing/writing music for four or five years…and she still plays every day! Having been a “car and shower” singer for years, Leigh taught herself to sing and has become a strong, unique vocalist, comparable to a modern day Janis Joplin. Leigh loves to collect unusual hats (fedoras in particular) and she’s terrible with names, but she rarely forgets a face.

Jamie comes from Nashville, TN and has been playing music since the age of 10. He has played in a variety of instruments in different bands spanning several genres from punk to metal to jazz to rock. Much of his structure comes from school orchestra and marching band. He has worked for Sam Ash Music for almost 11 years now, so to say that music is his life would be an understatement. And don’t worry, Jamie isn’t as scary as he looks…he happens to be an amazing father of three of the coolest kids you’ll ever meet.

Between the three of them, they are all huge vinyl fanatics; their collective record collection would astound you. They’ve all been in bands in the past from Bloomington, Indy or Nashville, some that you might be familiar with such as Treigh, who played BRMF back in 2010. So where is Swig heading in the future? “We want to keep writing music, making records and playing live. We are looking to start on a new full-length album in the fall/winter of 2013.”


This will be the first year the members of Swig have been participants in ORANJE. “We’re looking forward to checking out all the other great performers and artists, as well as having the opportunity to be heard by a wider audience. We have been attendees to the past years’ festivities and have enjoyed and applauded ORANJE’s execution at each turn. It’s big, eclectic and constantly evolving. You don’t usually find that many different artists and musical styles all in one place.”

You can find Swig on October 12 performing on the third floor of Centennial Hall. In the meantime, keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter!