Shimmercore, better known as Mike Contreras, has been in and around the Indianapolis music scene since 2001, and chances are that if you love music, you’ve seen him. He has played with an impressive roster of bands, such as Pop Lolita, The Shivers, Lunar Event, Red Light Driver, The Playboy Psychonauts, Dead Princess Black Unicorn, Thee Pernicious Unicats and The Shake Weights.

Growing up being involved in music since the first grade, Contreras used to listen to his parents’ Beatles records and his older sister’s KISS records, starting to learn how to play the guitar when he was 13 years old. Throughout the years since then, he has taught himself how to play a multitude of instruments, including drums, bass, keyboards, accordion, harmonica and even sitar! He uses these instruments to incorporate different sounds into his recordings. “My next album will be an instrumental acoustic 12-string guitar and sitar plea for world peace and transcendental meditation,” said Contreras. “It will probably be available by the time ORANJE rolls around.”


Shimmercore has always been Mike’s solo song writing project, and now, after a few album releases, he has put together a band of musicians to help bring these songs to stage, which he describes as “psychedelic drone-pop.” He starts by writing a melody or phrase that he sings to himself, building from that melody and constructing the music accordingly. “I used to write music first and try to paste words over it, and that usually ended up with a weak vocal melody. I mostly write music that I would be into and wish there was a band or more bands that played this type of music locally.”

When it comes to Indy’s local music scene, Shimmercore tries to perform at least once or twice a month locally. He’s shared the stage with bands from many different music circles around town, with his favorite venues being The Vogue, Radio Radio, The White Rabbit Cabaret, Indy’s Jukebox and The Melody Inn. Some of his favorite local musicians right now include Drill Alaska, KO, Stagnant Pools, DJ Crookshanks, No Direction, Mr Clit & The Pink Cigarettes and Deezen.


Over the years, Contreras has been an ORANJE attendee and has played in other bands that have participated in the past. “I’m really interested in seeing the artwork. It’s great to be a part of something so big and full of creativity.”

What does Shimmercore have planned for the future of his music? “To continue to write/record/produce albums and play some cool shows. Hopefully, within the year, more of the Shimmercore releases will make it to vinyl.”

You can keep up with Shimmercore on Facebook, Bandcamp, Twitter…and make sure to catch the live performance on October 12 at ORANJE!