Blake Allee

More than just a musician, Blake Allee is a producer, writer and recording pro, mixing, mastering and sampling all of his own music.

This one man machine does all of his own projects from beginning to end, only involving others who are featured in songs when he records. “I love the concept of making something on my own and giving it directly to the people,” Allee said. “No middle man. No mainstream rapper does that. I even Photoshop my own covers.”


A self-proclaimed loner, Allee creates during the night but writes all day long, constantly on a notepad jotting down new ideas. Right now, he has three phones full of lyrics and over 20 notebooks full of ideas that have come spewing out of Allee’s brain and into writing. And when he’s not writing, he’s performing in his bedroom to a small crowd of invisible people who seem to approve of what he’s putting out.

One thing that is obvious about Allee is how passionate he is about his music, which he describes as “like a microwave timer going off when you’re really hungry, more futuristic than futuristic.” Indy’s local music scene has provided an outlet for him to perform and meet other like-minded people who are on a similar path as him. This year, he released his latest project called Televisionn (which you can grab for free at, but he’s still working on new music every day.

So what does Allee hope the future holds for him in his musical journey? “To keep innovating and pushing the boundaries of music. Anybody can grab a beat and rap. I am more concerned with taking sound to places it hasn’t been before, going as far as I can go honestly. Also, to keep interacting with fans; they are very interesting people. One of them can blow his own booger directly from his nose into his mouth!”


Although Allee has been to ORANJE two times as a guest, this will be his first year as a performer. So what does he love about ORANJE? “How it brings art and music together. I look at music as more of an art form than just entertainment and sound. So I love the whole concept about ORANJE.”

If you want to check out Allee’s work before October 12, you can keep up with him on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and his website!


Richard Jangatha started his musical journey as a first chair violinist and now has found himself as a heavy bass producer that goes by the name jFET.

After transitioning from his classical training, Jangatha started learning EDM production in college. He was making house music, sending it to labels and started getting signed. During this time, Jangatha had over 50 releases across house labels in both digital and vinyl format. He started getting into bass music over two years ago and began to send his music around again, rebranding himself as jFET. His first release charted #15 on the Beatport Dubstep Releases chart and landed a release with the ubiquitous Play Me Records as part of the New Blood of Dubstep 2012.


Although it has been a long journey to get to this point for jFET, he is still working hard to grow and evolve as an artist while circulating his music. He has worked with artists both locally and nationally, including Shy Guy Says, Marcus Blac and Neal Zen, and has open projects with ### (PoundPoundPound) and Cosby Sweater. When asked who he would pick as his favorite local musician? “Don’t have a favorite, everyone brings their own thing to the table and I personally can’t compare them.”

Frequently found at The Mousetrap, jFET just got done playing Mojostock and still has WARMFest and Hyperion in store before ORANJE on October 12. He also has a bunch of upcoming EPs due to be released, dates TBA. “I love the local scene,” said jFET. “There are a lot of characters, I’m one of them of course.”


This will be jFET’s first time performing at ORANJE, although he attended the event last year. “Last year, I was a patron and had a great time. I’m very much looking forward to seeing all the awesome art vendors and of course to perform this year.” If you were on the fence about coming to ORANJE this year, jFET wants to convince you to come. “It’s one of a kind; you get to see the evolving state of arts. I had an incredible time last year, and I think it has something for everyone.”

You can keep up with jFET before ORANJE 2013 on TwitterFacebook and Soundcloud.