The Bearded Lucys

It’s not often that a group of musicians dare to try something outside the normal template of electric guitar, bass and drums, but that’s what you see with The Bearded Lucys. Incorporating instruments such as mandolin and banjo along with the use of multi-layer harmonies, The Bearded Lucys bring the down home feeling of Americana folk with the energy of Rock and Roll.

Everyone from the band comes from different musical backgrounds (metal, punk rock, Irish traditional music, garage rock, and bluegrass), which is what makes their music so original. The band is comprised of Rachel Hollingsworth (guitar/percussion/vocals), Matt Suever (guitar/vocals), Chris Cunningham (mandolin/percussion/vocals), Ben Callahan (banjo) and JD King (bass). Everyone brings something different to the table while writing songs, that have essentially turned out to be a mix of folk, indie and pop.


The band has been on a short hiatus while their lead singer was out of the country, but their usual spots include The Melody Inn and Birdy’s. This winter, the band plans on recording their first album. “We just want to play and record music we love. If other people enjoy it, we really couldn’t ask for more.”

ORANJE 2013 will be The Bearderd Lucys‘ first show back with their lead singer, Rachel Hollingsworth. As a group, this is their first time playing at ORANJE, even though the members have attended in the past years, and JD King has been the Music Director for ORANJE since 2008. “You should expect a high-energy faster set. We plan on making people move.”

983969_661089627251103_330493126_nSo why do The Bearded Lucys think you should attend ORANJE? “It’s one of the best run events in Indy every year, and where else could you see such an eclectic group of artists and musicians in one place?”

Catch The Bearded Lucys on the Jakprints Stage at 12:30 am at ORANJE 2013!

Susan Shorter

“Paint what makes you happy, and if it makes you happy, someone else is bound to like it, too.”

Those powerful words helped inspire Susan Shorter to stop struggling to please her professors and follow her passion of creating fantasy art, art that tells a story or makes you wonder about the character/story behind the piece. “Some might find it cliché to want to paint fairies and mermaids, but it makes me happy. I love to create beautiful, colorful things that can take me to another place, and at the end of the day, I’m pleased with that. I love to play with color and lighting, and I just love to work from the human form. Lately, I have been drawn to drawing elderly people; there is so much story etched in the wrinkle patterns on their faces.”


Susan is no stranger to the world of art. Her mom put her in her first gallery show when she was only three years old and she won the children’s competition (and she still has the tiny award). After that, she never stopped drawing. In high school, Susan started driving up to Indianapolis to take Saturday courses at Herron. After high school, she moved on to enroll in Ball State’s art program, but after three semesters, she transferred to The Herron School of Art. She received her BFA from Herron in 2004.

Susan recently wrapped up a show in August at the Harrison Center for the Arts. They had raw paintings and drawings she created for her book “Incredible Pebbles” on display. She also has work for sale at Blue Moon Gifts in Brazil, IN. Coming up in November, Susan will be showing in the Flashlight Gallery at the Waldron Center in Bloomington, IN. Working on her fantasy art and fine art painting that she loves isn’t her full-time job, although she has a small studio at home where she can work on these things. During the day, she is a staff illustrator for Author Solutions in Bloomington, IN, primarily working on children’s book illustrations, of which she’s done over 250 so far. She also creates paintings and custom artwork for the covers of novels the company publishes. As if that isn’t enough, Susan has written and illustrated two children’s books of her own, titled “It’s a Muddy World” and “Incredible Pebbles.”

This isn’t Susan’s first time showing her work at ORANJE, but the last time she was a participant was 2006. “In 2006, I was a recent grad and totally green to the world of showing your art. It was an amazing experience! I was so grateful to be a part of this amazing group of artists and a part of an event that was such a powerful display of creativity, it was an education, a confidence-builder and I still have the friends and fans I made that night in my life.”


At her booth, you can expect to see a wide variety of Susan’s pieces, ranging from large fantasy paintings, figurative drawings and abstract art to signed copies of her children’s books. She’ll have both originals and prints available and will be doing quick, sketchy 10-minute portraits for $10. So what is she excited for about ORANJE 2013? “Variety, creativity, excitement and just a good ole’ time! I know a few of the artists involved and there is so much awesomeness in store for the people that are coming!”

Don’t miss out on seeing Susan Shorter on October 12 at ORANJE 2013!

Sponsor Spotlight: Matchbook Creative

ORANJE wouldn’t be what it is today without the help of Matchbook Creative, an Indianapolis powerhouse specializing in branding, design, identity, marketing, advertising, social media and web development. Throughout the years, ORANJE has worked closely with Matchbook to enhance and improve the visibility of the ORANJE brand. Matchbook and ORANJE work together throughout the year to create unique marketing initiatives that are implemented to promote ORANJE.

After six years of sponsorship, we sat down with the masterminds at Matchbook (Maddie Cole, Julian Estiva, Michael Stark, Christy Gormal, Maris Schiess, Donna Gray and Tyler Sheller) to dig a little deeper into our relationship.

ORANJE: Why does your business continue to sponsor ORANJE?

Matchbook: ORANJE stands for what we believe in as a creative agency. We partner with ORANJE because we, ourselves, are ORANJE; a creative group of individuals from all walks of life who come together against all odds to accomplish a goal that is bigger than we are. Plus, ORANJE is flat out fun; Ryan always buys into our crazy ideas.


ORANJE: What do you love about ORANJE?

Matchbook: We love how the crazy chaos all comes together to create something beautiful. Like ORANJE, we like to think of ourselves as a scrambly, chaotic mess that transforms into something great.

We also love the ability to push our creative fantasies into reality. ORANJE is one of our most valued partners for many reasons. If we had to choose one of our top reasons that ORANJE is great, which there are so many to choose from, one would be that it is a designer’s paradise, and we all walk away with a new way of finding art in everything.


ORANJE: Tell us a little bit about Matchbook…what should our audience know about your business?

Matchbook: Matchbook Creative isn’t just a full-service agency in the business of advertising. We’re an eclectic group of individuals, artists, writers, photographers, thinkers and oddballs in the business of people.

We work with an array of organizations and clients from small town not-for-profits to large national campaigns, but the one thing they all have in common is great people. We are passionate about our clients and we always want to knock their socks off.

We work for you and with you, and ORANJE is a great example of a Matchbook Creative partnership done right: passionate people, creative minds and impossible expectations working together to produce one unbelievable result.


ORANJE: How has your relationship with ORANJE benefited your business?

Matchbook: ORANJE has helped us become part of the Indianapolis scene. Just because a business is located in a city does not mean that they become a part of that city. Some businesses just sit back and turn out work; ORANJE has allowed us to really get involved and experience the greatest parts of Indy, and to produce phenomenal work at the same time.

ORANJE has also given us the ability to work with some amazing people. We love doing creative work but we appreciate getting to work with awesome people even more. The whole crew at ORANJE somehow understands our way of thinking, and we theirs, and it’s great!


ORANJE: What are you most looking forward to at ORANJE 2013?

Matchbook: Hmm, hard to pick just ONE thing. The artists are always entertaining. It’s nice to get to mingle and talk with the artists about their work and find out what their inspiration is and where they’re going next.

Of course the bands keep us busy. It’s almost impossible to choose which floor to be on at what time in order to try to listen to everybody. We’re all about supporting local artists, and our musical ones definitely keep our ears on their toes.

But if we had to choose one thing, it would definitely be seeing the team that organizes ORANJE bask in the rays of their success. It’s that one night where we get to see the whole team come alive and put on the awesome show they’ve been working so hard on, and that we get to be a small part of. (Oh, and we love a good cocktail, too!)


ORANJE: What’s your favorite thing about Indianapolis?

Matchbook: That’s like asking what our favorite part about life is! Too hard to narrow it down. From Fridays at the Murphy Building to the Food Truck Festivals, we love it all. There’s always something to do in “Naptown” and we like to have a hand in all of them.

ORANJE is a prime representation of all that is great in Indy; local artists, crafting exquisite pieces (be they lyrics, poems, paintings, sculptures, songs, brews, clothes, etc.) and working together to support one another.