Dark Lifers

Who’s side will you be on: the vampires, witches or humans?

Dark Lifers was originally designed as an internet series but was restructured into a motion graphic novel concept. This motion book comes to life through limited animation, sound fx, music and dialogue. Currently, the first two episodes are available for viewing at www.darklifers.com.

Dark Lifers 1

Here’s the story as told by the Dark Lifers website:

“n the very near future, two ambitious societies are vying for the political and economical control of a major US city. One group is comprised of wealthy, privileged conservatives. The other is known for its natural, holistic, liberal ways. Both are ruthless, cunning and will manipulate the system beyond any legal boundaries to gain ultimate control. Both are of supernatural origin. They are called Dark Lifers.

The Vampire clan maintains vast financial resources and has made substantial moves into the city’s political arena. Venoa, the head of the Clan, is running a relentless and successful campaign for Governor. An ageless coven of Witches uses its dark magic to permeate human society undetected. The High Priestess of the Coven, Phaedra, believes controlling the common citizen is the key to acquiring true power to the city.

The power play by both Dark Lifer societies is on the brink of exploding into an all out socio-political war. But a trio of Humans, lead by a tormented, vengeful street fighter named Jezabelle, may be humanity’s only hope.

It’s a Dark war against humanity. And humans are mere collateral damage.”

At ORANJE, patrons can buy a reprint of the three Dark Lifers posters and the proceeds will go towards the creation and release of episodes three and four. “There seems to be such diversity in the art forms at ORANJE. I think people have come to expect the unusual, the outside-the-box thinking of the artists at ORANJE,” said Steve Marra of Dark Lifers.

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