Iggy Arana

You might have seen his booth last year at ORANJE, where people were standing around in 3D movie glasses staring at colorful pieces. And while his art is colorful, vibrant and fun on its own, when you put on a pair of glasses, it transforms.

Third year ORANJE veteran artist Iggy Arana didn’t always plan on making art that has a 3D effect, it just happened. “I use acrylic paints, watered down and layered on wood or canvas, and I go back later and do ink work to really bring out the layers,” said Arana. “I didn’t do it on purpose, but the layered colors gives the work a 3D effect when viewed with the right glasses.”


What started as a hobby of making Mother’s Day and birthday cards as a kid turned into a lifelong journey in the world of art. Arana started using water colors as a child when making cards, and still does on occasion for his nieces and nephews. As a new dad, he plans on continuing this tradition with his daughter Ava Elysse. Although he never went to school for art, his passion drove him to find and refine his technique. “I have a degree in Philosophy. Education is important, but knowledge is out there if you hunt it down and really want to learn.”

Taking inspiration from everything all around him, it seems like Arana is especially touched by nature, citing the flight of a butterfly, the crawl of a worm after a long rain and thunderstorms as being muses for his work. He quoted American painter and photographer Chuck Close for saying “inspiration is for amateurs, sometimes you just have to get to work,” telling us that when you really love to paint, inspiration can be anywhere and everywhere.

Currently, Arana has pieces hanging at the Upland Tasting Room in Broad Ripple and at The Funkyard in Fountain Square which start at $20. Although he works at Allstate as a Liability Determination Adjuster during the day, he loves painting in his home studio (which he welcomes visitors into). “I would love to see my work on surfboards, snowboards or skateboards,” said Arana. “I’d love to do album covers for the right band. I know I’ll be painting for the rest of my life, and it seems like everyday I have different ideas of how to express myself.”


Don’t worry about bringing your own 3D glasses to ORANJE this year, Iggy will have plenty at his booth for you. “ORANJE is a truly unique and eclectic gathering of some of the most talented up-and-coming artists and musicians in Indiana. I remember first telling my friends or coworkers about ORANJE and seeing their hesitation…until they showed up and had a great time. I think what excites me the most about it is that ORANJE creates an environment that truly is about the music and the art. There are folks there with suits on, and people there in jeans and t-shirt, and everyone fits in. It’s amazing to experience it.”

You can keep up with Iggy Arana on Facebook or on his website.

Sponsor Spotlight: Kolman Dental

Do you have a cool dentist?

Paul Kolman, owner of Kolman Dental, is known around Indianapolis as the Rock n Roll Doc due to his close connection with the local music scene. Maybe you’ve seen his logo on a flyer for a concert or one of the many events put on by My Old Kentucky Blog, NUVO or A Squared Industries. Or perhaps you’ve seen him out at a show wearing a Kolman Dental shirt enjoying some music with his wife. Whatever it is, Paul Kolman has been making his name known around town as being not only a great dentist but an advocate of Indianapolis culture.

226785_1046278670038_6263_nKolman started sponsoring shows about four years ago with Andy and Annie Skinner of A Squared Industries. That’s when he was connected with MOKB, where one of the booking agents started referring to him as the Rock n Roll Dentist…and the nickname stuck! Since then, he has continued to sponsor shows around Indianapolis and support local artists, including some of his favorites like Red Light Driver, Pravada, Hotfox, Breakdown Kings and Grey Granite. “There are so many great people involved in our music scene from bands to promoters to club owners,” said Kolman. “It has been a joy to get involved.”

So what makes Kolman Dental different from your average dentist’s office? Well let’s start with the atmosphere. Kolman’s love of music has resulted in a large collection that includes many local artists, which gives his patients a chance to appreciate new tunes that they may not have discovered otherwise. Not to mention the panoramic views of Broad Ripple and comfortable setting. “Whether I am fixing someone’s teeth or helping with instructions on how to care for their smile, my overall goal is to help. I love that I get to meet and see new people everyday.”

This will be the second year in a row that Kolman Dental has sponsored ORANJE, and it’s the first time he has sponsored an event that wasn’t solely music-related. “I liked the overall idea of ORANJE. I found that ORANJE’s audience was very compatible with the type of atmosphere that we have at Kolman Dental. I think the mix of music and art is perfect; I love that some of my favorite artists are showcasing their work while my favorite local bands are playing.”

Kolman suggests that you check out Shimmercore playing as a full band, and artists Stuart Sayger and Justin Vining. Keep up with Kolman Dental on Facebook, Twitter and their website.

Justin Vining

If you live, work or play in Broad Ripple, you’ve probably walked past Justin Vining’s studio at one point or another or even been greeted by his dog hanging out on the front porch. You can usually find him inside working on new pieces surrounded by colorful walls covered from floor to ceiling with an impressive art collection.


For those of you who haven’t seen Vining’s work, his watercolors and acrylic paintings can be described as looking similar to Tim Burton or Dr. Seuss landscapes. Vining’s interest in art goes back to high school when he took an art class as an elective, which sparked his interest in the subject. This interest stuck through his time at Purdue and his teaching career at Maple Ridge, but it was at the end of his first semester at Valpo Law that Vining’s true talent emerged. He picked up a paint brush and began to paint a series of work that was much stronger than what he had previously done. Vining went on to graduate and pass the Indiana Bar Exam, but he has continued to focus on creating art full-time.

This will be Vining’s third year as an ORANJE participant. “One of the things I love most about ORANJE is the variety of artists represented each year,” he said. “If you have experienced ORANJE, you know what I mean. If not, I high recommend coming this year!”

So where does Vining get his inspiration for the whimsical landscapes he creates? He credits three main influences: growing up on a farm, the creative minds of his former students and the artists that Vining admires and pays tribute to in his work. Some of those artists include painter/muralist Thomas Hart Benton, Grant Wood (best known for his American Gothic painting) and visual artist Andrew Wyeth. A little known fact about Vining is that he is an avid chess player, which is where the checkerboard pattern comes from that is frequently found in his work.


With hopes of one day being able to see his work in museums, Vining shows his pieces in Indianapolis at a variety of First Friday venues, including the Upland Propaganda Room and New Day Meadery, and art shows such as Penrod and Broad Ripple Art Fair. “ORANJE is a show that encourages artists to push their limits, be experimental and create an experience for those attending, so I look forward to creating a booth that is not just geared towards selling work but people can interact with it in some way,” said Vining. “The show is months away and I am already planning my booth. I look forward to seeing it come together during the final week leading up to the show.”

Want to see a little more of Justin Vining before October 12? You can keep up with him on his webpage, Facebook and Twitter!