Oranje 2011

ORANJE 2011 marked the fifth consecutive year at the former Ross-Gage building at 24th and Illinois, and more importantly, the tenth anniversary of ORANJE as an art & music event in Indianapolis. The staff and participants were all excited that ORANJE had reached the ten year milestone, and another night of great weather led to a fantastic overall event.

ORANJE 2011 welcomed new sponsors such as Pabst Blue Ribbon and Jak Prints, and also featured new, unique happenings within the event such as the live fashion design competition, in which student designers competed live at ORANJE to make the best design from random material in less than 4 hours.

From an operations standpoint, the ORANJE staff executed its smoothest event to date and was able to enjoy the experience more than ever before. 40 artists and 25 music acts entertained and amused a crowd of nearly 3,000 people, including many who attended the event for the first time. It was a proud and memorable night for ORANJE and all who contributed to getting the event to the ten year mark.

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