Oranje 2012

ORANJE and its staff had a banner year in 2012. Earlier this year, we were lucky enough to be a part of the festivities surrounding Super Bowl XLVI, Indy’s first (and hopefully not last) Super Bowl hosting opportunity. From the Super Bowl Village to the NFL Experience to the Huddle After Hours, ORANJE had an amazing opportunity to be involved in some of the more exciting aspects of the biggest sporting event to ever occur in Indy. ORANJE’s involvement in the Super Bowl was all part of an effort to have a greater involvement in the arts & cultural scene in Indianapolis, and the connections made during that time were immeasurable.

Shortly after the Super Bowl wrapped up, ORANJE co-founder Adam Crockett and his wife Ambre welcomed their first child, Kingston, into the family. While the arrival of his son kept Adam away from ORANJE in 2012, it was great to see Kingston arrive healthy and happy into our world. We are all excited for the Crockett family and look forward to being a part of Kingston’s life.

After five consecutive years of hosting ORANJE at the former Ross-Gage building at 24th and Illinois, it was time for a change of venue. Numerous options were considered, including notable landmark venues in downtown Indianapolis. As the event date approached, it became clear that our best option was to host ORANJE 2012 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Initially, we were skeptical about the opportunity and were not fully aware of the facilities available at the Fairgrounds. However, upon taking an initial tour of Centennial Hall, we knew we had a great opportunity to host ORANJE in a venue that would be fresh and different for us. While leaving the ‘vacant warehouse’ style of venue seemed odd for ORANJE, and risked losing some of the ‘cool’ factor, the decision was easier when we considered the hundreds of hours that went into preparing the facilities previously used by ORANJE. It made more sense to utilize a facility that offered features that we struggled to find in the past (e.g. stable electrical wiring, onsite parking and indoor restrooms). Furthermore, we were able to reach new audiences by moving to a more prominent and recognizable venue. Ultimately, the Fairgrounds felt like home and we greatly appreciated the support provided by the ISF staff and enjoyed the time spent onsite preparing for ORANJE 2012.

Just like past ORANJE events, this year’s event was made possible by dozens of people contributing hundreds of hours of hard work. The staff, our sponsors and the artists and musicians who participated in ORANJE 2012 sacrificed time and energy in an effort to be a part of another great event that was shared by approximately 3,000 people on the night of September 22nd. Whether working from our humble home office, at Centennial Hall, or working our booth at events such as Penrod, the ORANJE team pulled together and made it happen once again. Seeing everyone have a great time at the event is one of the more fulfilling results, and we always love to hear success stories from artists who sold work at ORANJE.

We are excited to now be working on a possible first-ever ORANJE springtime event, and have already started turning the wheels for ORANJE 2013 next September. In addition, we are spreading our wings into doing more community events, including our monthly ‘First Saturday’ live music showcase. Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming events and Indulge Your Senses with ORANJE in 2013!

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