What’s more fun than one DJ pumping out non-stop dance music? Why, two DJs of course!

Mutiny came together when DJ Hollow Point and Kodama, both resident DJs at The Mousetrap for Altered Thurzdaze, realized they had the potential to do more with their talents. Having two people with four turntables gave the duo so many more options and depth for a set.

Both Hollow Point and Kodama performed in ORANJE last year, so they are no stranger to the event. “We couldn’t be more humbled by the opportunity to play at such a great event,” said Hollow Point. “Last year, we had a great response and can’t wait to deliver the goods again. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing the other great talent on display this year, be it a musical performance, performance art or any of the numerous amazing galleries that only exist at ORANJE.”

Both DJs have been involved in music as long as they can remember. Whether it was involvement in school band, orchestra or church choir, they have both been influenced by music growing up. This background inspired them to become DJs and everything just came together. Hollow Point picked up DJing in 2007 while Kodama started back in 1999. “This is my life, I breathe bass music on a daily basis,” said Kodama. “It’s been a long journey to get to what I have become today.”

Mutiny is still a relatively young act in Indy, but it is already gaining a loyal fan base, especially in the drum and bass/dubstep scene. These loyal fans and friends have turned into a family-like unit, encouraging the duo to push the limits. “We already see event-goers donning full pirate gear when we do our shows,” said Hollow Point. “We’ve embraced this behavior by occasionally tossing out eye-patches during our sets.”

You can catch Mutiny on the IndyMojo stage at 1:00 am at ORANJE 2012. After ORANJE, you can catch them at the Rad Summer & A Squared Industries Block Party at Sun King Brewing on Sept 30th. “The sky is the limit,” says Kodama. “I will take this as far as possible.”