Shimmercore, better known as Mike Contreras, has been in and around the Indianapolis music scene since 2001, and chances are that if you love music, you’ve seen him. He has played with an impressive roster of bands, such as Pop Lolita, The Shivers, Lunar Event, Red Light Driver, The Playboy Psychonauts, Dead Princess Black Unicorn, Thee Pernicious Unicats and The Shake Weights.

Growing up being involved in music since the first grade, Contreras used to listen to his parents’ Beatles records and his older sister’s KISS records, starting to learn how to play the guitar when he was 13 years old. Throughout the years since then, he has taught himself how to play a multitude of instruments, including drums, bass, keyboards, accordion, harmonica and even sitar! He uses these instruments to incorporate different sounds into his recordings. “My next album will be an instrumental acoustic 12-string guitar and sitar plea for world peace and transcendental meditation,” said Contreras. “It will probably be available by the time ORANJE rolls around.”


Shimmercore has always been Mike’s solo song writing project, and now, after a few album releases, he has put together a band of musicians to help bring these songs to stage, which he describes as “psychedelic drone-pop.” He starts by writing a melody or phrase that he sings to himself, building from that melody and constructing the music accordingly. “I used to write music first and try to paste words over it, and that usually ended up with a weak vocal melody. I mostly write music that I would be into and wish there was a band or more bands that played this type of music locally.”

When it comes to Indy’s local music scene, Shimmercore tries to perform at least once or twice a month locally. He’s shared the stage with bands from many different music circles around town, with his favorite venues being The Vogue, Radio Radio, The White Rabbit Cabaret, Indy’s Jukebox and The Melody Inn. Some of his favorite local musicians right now include Drill Alaska, KO, Stagnant Pools, DJ Crookshanks, No Direction, Mr Clit & The Pink Cigarettes and Deezen.


Over the years, Contreras has been an ORANJE attendee and has played in other bands that have participated in the past. “I’m really interested in seeing the artwork. It’s great to be a part of something so big and full of creativity.”

What does Shimmercore have planned for the future of his music? “To continue to write/record/produce albums and play some cool shows. Hopefully, within the year, more of the Shimmercore releases will make it to vinyl.”

You can keep up with Shimmercore on Facebook, Bandcamp, Twitter…and make sure to catch the live performance on October 12 at ORANJE!



Meet Jomberfox, a rock and roll band made up of Nick Vote, Nick Mallers, David Sullivan, Andy Salge and Alex Kercheval.

This fairly new band morphed into Jomberfox from a previous project called Genius Johnson, and as of right now has only played one show together which was at The Melody Inn. But don’t mistake that for thinking this band is new to the Indy music scene, because between everyone in the band’s past and current projects, they’ve played nearly everywhere in the city. “What is so great about being in this band is that it doesn’t even closely resemble the music everyone plays outside of it,” said Nick Vote.


You might recognize some of the guys in Jomberfox from other well-known bands in Indy. Andy Salge (bass) and Dave Sullivan (guitar) play in the local band Blue Moon Revue, Nick Mallers (drums) played previously with Lady Moon, and Alex Kercheval (guitar/keys/producer/engineer) has recently worked on projects with Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s, We are Hex, Musical Family Tree and The Icks.

This will be the band’s first time playing ORANJE together. “Anything that showcases local art and music is awesome,” said Vote. “I’ve really enjoyed being exposed to new artists I might not have otherwise heard of without an event like ORANJE.”

So what can you expect from Jomberfox in the near future? “Our goal is to keep making music we like. We all agree that making great records is key to everyone’s happiness in this project. We are currently wrapping up mixing our first EP and are all pretty excited about getting some music into people’s hands.”


Want to check out Jomberfox before October 12? You can catch them live at WARMfest on Sunday, August 31 as well as at The Melody Inn on September 25 with Pravada. You can find them on Musical Family Tree, Twitter and Facebook.

Blake Allee

More than just a musician, Blake Allee is a producer, writer and recording pro, mixing, mastering and sampling all of his own music.

This one man machine does all of his own projects from beginning to end, only involving others who are featured in songs when he records. “I love the concept of making something on my own and giving it directly to the people,” Allee said. “No middle man. No mainstream rapper does that. I even Photoshop my own covers.”


A self-proclaimed loner, Allee creates during the night but writes all day long, constantly on a notepad jotting down new ideas. Right now, he has three phones full of lyrics and over 20 notebooks full of ideas that have come spewing out of Allee’s brain and into writing. And when he’s not writing, he’s performing in his bedroom to a small crowd of invisible people who seem to approve of what he’s putting out.

One thing that is obvious about Allee is how passionate he is about his music, which he describes as “like a microwave timer going off when you’re really hungry, more futuristic than futuristic.” Indy’s local music scene has provided an outlet for him to perform and meet other like-minded people who are on a similar path as him. This year, he released his latest project called Televisionn (which you can grab for free at, but he’s still working on new music every day.

So what does Allee hope the future holds for him in his musical journey? “To keep innovating and pushing the boundaries of music. Anybody can grab a beat and rap. I am more concerned with taking sound to places it hasn’t been before, going as far as I can go honestly. Also, to keep interacting with fans; they are very interesting people. One of them can blow his own booger directly from his nose into his mouth!”


Although Allee has been to ORANJE two times as a guest, this will be his first year as a performer. So what does he love about ORANJE? “How it brings art and music together. I look at music as more of an art form than just entertainment and sound. So I love the whole concept about ORANJE.”

If you want to check out Allee’s work before October 12, you can keep up with him on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and his website!

Rugged Russian Bear

Imagine what would happen if you had a really good mix of David Bazan (Pedro The Lion), Weezer and Delta Spirit, resulting in a folky punk indie sound. Well, that sums up what Rugged Russian Bear is all about, and luckily for you, they’re playing at ORANJE on October 12!

Playing with bands such as The Bonesetters, And Away They Go, Neulore (Nashville) and Kisses For Free, Rugged Russian Bear is made up of vocalist/guitarist Mike Brewer, bassist/vocalist Cory Miller and drummer/guitarist Jacob Eaton. Beginning as Bob Dylan-esque folk music featuring only an acoustic guitar and harmonica, RRB has evolved into a quirky rock band with a three part harmony that speaks of love, triumph, failure, imagination, supernatural, travel and just plain life.


All three members of RRB come from musical backgrounds and have been performing since they were children, including being involved in teenage rock bands. Like many others before them, it all started with just listening to and falling in love with music, coming to a realization that it is what you want to do forever, no matter what. The band puts a lot of blood, sweat and tears into making music and recording it, but especially love playing live shows. Being a three-piece band, their live sound is pretty stripped down but is full of sound and passion.

The trio is currently in the middle of recording their first full length album, slated to be out this winter. The very tight and consistent band plays, on average, about two times per month. “Every show we play is awesome and fun in it’s own way, but we have had a few exceptionally fun shows,” said Brewer. “One of which was a show we played at Indy’s Jukebox a little over a year ago. Unfortunately, the show got a late start and we got bumped to playing last. By the time we went on, it was like 1:30 or 2:00 am and there was no one there except the sound guy, bartenders and one of the other bands. It was just one of those shows where nothing seemed to be going right, so we were all pretty frustrated. Naturally, we took it out on the stage! We turned everything up really loud, put a lot of fuzz on guitar and bass, played really fast and just punked out the show!”


Rugged Russian Bear has some tight ties with other local bands in Indianapolis and sings their praises. Right now, they are digging Caleb McCoach and SM Wolf. “Caleb McCoach’s album Songs From an Empty Shore is inspiring, but when he mixes it up with a full band at one of his live shows, it really brings them to life. SM Wolf’s stuff is some of the best music being made in Indy right now. Also, have to give a shout out to The Bonesetters. We have been good friends with these guys for a long time, and they are some hard-working dudes!”

Some of the bands that RRB is looking forward to seeing at ORANJE 2013 include Shimmercore, Indian City Weather, Rusty Redenbacher and The Bearded Lucys. “There are some really great acts playing this year; local music can’t thrive without your support! It’s such a great atmosphere, a real festival crammed into one day without all the expensive travel.”


So where does the band see themselves going in the future? “Getting this album that we are working on finished, mastered and out to the public is a major, major goal right now. Long term? Is Rock Stardom too much to ask?”

Keep up with Rugged Russian Bear on Facebook, Twitter and their website!



Richard Jangatha started his musical journey as a first chair violinist and now has found himself as a heavy bass producer that goes by the name jFET.

After transitioning from his classical training, Jangatha started learning EDM production in college. He was making house music, sending it to labels and started getting signed. During this time, Jangatha had over 50 releases across house labels in both digital and vinyl format. He started getting into bass music over two years ago and began to send his music around again, rebranding himself as jFET. His first release charted #15 on the Beatport Dubstep Releases chart and landed a release with the ubiquitous Play Me Records as part of the New Blood of Dubstep 2012.


Although it has been a long journey to get to this point for jFET, he is still working hard to grow and evolve as an artist while circulating his music. He has worked with artists both locally and nationally, including Shy Guy Says, Marcus Blac and Neal Zen, and has open projects with ### (PoundPoundPound) and Cosby Sweater. When asked who he would pick as his favorite local musician? “Don’t have a favorite, everyone brings their own thing to the table and I personally can’t compare them.”

Frequently found at The Mousetrap, jFET just got done playing Mojostock and still has WARMFest and Hyperion in store before ORANJE on October 12. He also has a bunch of upcoming EPs due to be released, dates TBA. “I love the local scene,” said jFET. “There are a lot of characters, I’m one of them of course.”


This will be jFET’s first time performing at ORANJE, although he attended the event last year. “Last year, I was a patron and had a great time. I’m very much looking forward to seeing all the awesome art vendors and of course to perform this year.” If you were on the fence about coming to ORANJE this year, jFET wants to convince you to come. “It’s one of a kind; you get to see the evolving state of arts. I had an incredible time last year, and I think it has something for everyone.”

You can keep up with jFET before ORANJE 2013 on TwitterFacebook and Soundcloud.

The Weakenders

Looking for some good old American Rock and Roll? Look no further than The Weakenders at ORANJE 2012.

Made up of Blair White, Eli Chastain, Joel Lauver and Joshua Lockridge, this Nashville band is no stranger to Indianapolis. In 2009, the band started making demos while half of the members lived in Indianapolis and half lived in Nashville. The distance between them proved to be their weakness, so eventually the two Indianapolis members moved down to Tennessee. It was then that the band wrote a new record.

With a sound similar to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers or early Wilco, the band consists of two guitars, a bass and drums. “We try and make things extremely uncomplicated as a general rule,” said Chastain. “It’s guys with guitars, drums and lyrics which has worked for decades. We aren’t reinventing the wheel, just doing what seems right to us.”

Joshua, Joel and Eli have all played in Indianaplis metal and hardcore bands in the 2000’s. You may recognize Joel from his stint as the guitar player in Mardelay. As The Weakenders, the guys make their tour schedule according to the rule of quality over quantity. Not oversaturating the Nashville music scene, the band books shows that will be fun and energetic.

This is the band’s first year participating in ORANJE. “It seems to draw out the culturally stimulated members of the Indianapolis community, which is great,” said Chastain. “To consider all of those talented and interesting people in a city all under one roof for six hours is kind of a dream for a band or artist. We see ORANJE as a chance to kind of stretch out the songs and just have a bit more fun with them musically. And event like ORANJE seems like a good time to just relax, turn up, play, not worry and actually enjoy jamming our songs.”

You can catch The Weakenders on the NUVO stage at ORANJE 2012 at 9:00 pm.


What’s more fun than one DJ pumping out non-stop dance music? Why, two DJs of course!

Mutiny came together when DJ Hollow Point and Kodama, both resident DJs at The Mousetrap for Altered Thurzdaze, realized they had the potential to do more with their talents. Having two people with four turntables gave the duo so many more options and depth for a set.

Both Hollow Point and Kodama performed in ORANJE last year, so they are no stranger to the event. “We couldn’t be more humbled by the opportunity to play at such a great event,” said Hollow Point. “Last year, we had a great response and can’t wait to deliver the goods again. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing the other great talent on display this year, be it a musical performance, performance art or any of the numerous amazing galleries that only exist at ORANJE.”

Both DJs have been involved in music as long as they can remember. Whether it was involvement in school band, orchestra or church choir, they have both been influenced by music growing up. This background inspired them to become DJs and everything just came together. Hollow Point picked up DJing in 2007 while Kodama started back in 1999. “This is my life, I breathe bass music on a daily basis,” said Kodama. “It’s been a long journey to get to what I have become today.”

Mutiny is still a relatively young act in Indy, but it is already gaining a loyal fan base, especially in the drum and bass/dubstep scene. These loyal fans and friends have turned into a family-like unit, encouraging the duo to push the limits. “We already see event-goers donning full pirate gear when we do our shows,” said Hollow Point. “We’ve embraced this behavior by occasionally tossing out eye-patches during our sets.”

You can catch Mutiny on the IndyMojo stage at 1:00 am at ORANJE 2012. After ORANJE, you can catch them at the Rad Summer & A Squared Industries Block Party at Sun King Brewing on Sept 30th. “The sky is the limit,” says Kodama. “I will take this as far as possible.”