Oranje 2004

Held on September 18th, 2004, ORANJE 2004 experimented with a new type of venue that merged multiple structures into one large experience. Using two adjacent vacant warehouse spaces and joining them with a nightclub, formerly known as Fusion, this ORANJE experience was like no other event and is still unique to this day. This was the year that ORANJE began to be recognized by the media, civic government and those in the know as a premier arts and music event that would transform the cultural scene in the Midwest. Continuing our growth in attendance to over 1,800 patrons, ORANJE 2004 is considered the event that put ORANJE on the map.

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Oranje 2003

Our second event took place on September 20th, 2003 and ORANJE was back with a vengeance. Coming off a very successful first event, expectations for ORANJE 2003 were very high. With more artists and musicians showcased, attendance nearly doubled to 1,300 patrons. The venue was an old auto factory on the near north side of downtown Indianapolis, a wide open space which presented ample opportunity for presentations inside and out. A school bus was painted entirely with graffiti, independent films were screened, new music acts were formed and emerged and the event grew in size and scope, proving that ORANJE was to be a mainstay in the Indianapolis art and music scene for years to come.

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Oranje 2002

Held on September 21st, 2002, amidst concrete freezers and industrial machinery, ORANJE exceeded even the wildest plans and predictions. A gathering of friends had turned into a showcase of the best in local art and music in the Indianapolis area with over 700 people in attendance. Painters, sculptors, filmmakers, DJs, photographers, jazz musicians, tattoo artists, graffiti writers and more all came together to provide an incredible presentation of modern art and progressive music that no one would soon forget. This first event laid the ground work for what ORANJE would become.

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