Sasha Newkirk

When looking at jewelry, why buy a piece that everyone can have when you can get a unique and one-of-a-kind handmade piece that won’t break the bank?

Sasha Newkirk specializes in creating unique jewelry that is beautiful and easily wearable. Primarily using silver, Newkirk adds a touch of bronze to her pieces for aesthetic reasons. Contrasting elements, blackening pieces and using silhouetted forms, Newkirk gets inspiration for her work mostly from nature found all around her, including how the light interacts with objects. Architecture is also a big inspiration to Newkirk’s work, especially wrought iron detailing on or inside buildings.

Blending old world detailing with modern elements and clean lines, Newkirk crafts her pieces so that the customer knows she’s giving them a little something extra. “I use the highest quality material and take more time than I should perfecting each piece,” said Newkirk. “I enjoy hiding beautiful parts of the design in places where only the wearer can see them, such as placing a gem against the skin. I think of this like wearing beautiful underwear just for you. No one else can see it, but you know it is there so it makes you feel pretty just the same.”

Newkirk began studying jewelry in high school and continued her passion through college and beyond. Although she earned a degree in Spanish and Anthropology, she spent every spare second in the metalsmithing studio at IU Bloomington. After graduating, she briefly moved to Massachusetts to participate in their Masters program in metalsmithing. Now back in the Midwest, Newkirk has been doing art shows, trying to get her business up on its feet.

Newkirk works from a studio in her apartment comprised of a jeweler’s bench, soldering station and a dining room table turned into a research and business station. Using the natural light from large windows leading out onto her apartment’s deck, Newkirk works on her pieces that can take anywhere from one hour to two weeks to complete. “I want all of my pieces to find a home with someone who appreciates their aesthetic value. In the future, I would love to start making lockets and other delicately complex pieces.”

This will be Newkirk’s first year at ORANJE. “I am most excited about the edginess of ORANJE compared to the other craft shows that I have done,” said Newkirk. “It sounds like it should be a great group of people that get my work and what I am trying to accomplish. People should come check me out because I have some beautiful, one-of-a-kind work that I think will speak to them. I only make jewelry that I, myself, would wear and I feel that with ORANJE, my customer is quite similar to myself.”

You can find Newkirk’s booth on the main floor at ORANJE 2012. The average price for her pieces ranges from $40 – $80, with work as cheap as $18 for a delicate silver band. Find your next favorite piece of jewelry at ORANJE!

Melissa Kinnett & Shadow

With a style described as edgy, tough, sexy, rocker-chic, artist Melissa Kinnett joins the ORANJE 2012 artist lineup along with boyfriend Shadow to bring a bit of darkness and metal to the event.

Kinnett is a self-taught artist, inspired by her mother who always believed in everything she created. Her mom was the first person to tell her she truly was an artist and instilled the belief in Kinnett that she could do anything she wanted to do. From that, Kinnett has become a dedicated and determined artist in control of her own future and happiness. Now, she has paintings on display and for sale at Prizm the Artists Supply Store and at Fallen Empire Tattoo Shop. She also has an Etsy shop where she sells custom jewelry and shoes.

Shadow can’t remember a day that he wasn’t involved in some type of art. Taking every possible art class available to him in school, his life took a turn once he lost his scholarship, so he began to focus all of his energy into tattooing. It ended up being a blessing in disguise as he made art daily, taking his work home with him at night, constantly focusing on bettering his techniques in all different mediums. Today, he owns Fallen Empire Tattoo and Gallery on the southside where he displays and sells paintings and makes custom tattoo art for his clients.

While the two make very different types of art, they have a great chemistry that makes it all seem like one entity. Kinnett’s sculptures are very H.R. Giger-inspired and her accessories and shoes are edgy rocker-chic. There is a tattoo-style in her artwork that flows with Shadow’s work of woman-inspired paintings. Being a fan of biomechanical art, infusing metal with life and Day of the Dead themes can be found in his work.

This will be Kinnett’s first year being an artist in ORANJE, but she has been before as a guest. Shadow actually was involved with ORANJE several years ago with Lynne Medsker and fell in love with the event. “This will be my first time ever working a booth with my girlfriend and fellow artist Melissa,” said Shadow. “We have been together for a long time, but for the past few years, we have made art every night, all night long. This is the first chance that we can both express and share that.”

Make sure to stop by Kinnett and Shadow’s booth at ORANJE and get turned on to a different kind of art!