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press-passMedia credentials are issued only to recognized newspapers, news/wire services, publications, television/radio networks as well as some accredited websites covering ORANJE 2013.

Please remember, not all applications will be approved. Press credentials are limited. You must have a confirmed assignment to cover the festival in order to be approved. Pre-event and post-event coverage will be requested from ORANJE if you are applying for a media pass.

If requested, please be prepared to present samples of last year’s coverage. If your publication was not present during the 2012 event, please let us know how you plan on covering this year’s event.

Before you submit your request, please take a few moments and review our media credential guidelines.

  • Media credential requests for ORANJE 2013 on October 12 are accepted now until Tuesday, October 8. 
  • All requests must be submitted to
  • No one under the age of 21 is granted media access.
  • You must provide pre-event coverage before October 12 or else you will not be given a media credential on the night of ORANJE. Send a link to your pre-event coverage to by Friday, October 11.

Email your full name, birthdate, email address, phone number and proposed coverage to We will get back to you ASAP to let you know the status of your request.

Thank you for your interest in ORANJE!


Sponsor Spotlight: Matchbook Creative

ORANJE wouldn’t be what it is today without the help of Matchbook Creative, an Indianapolis powerhouse specializing in branding, design, identity, marketing, advertising, social media and web development. Throughout the years, ORANJE has worked closely with Matchbook to enhance and improve the visibility of the ORANJE brand. Matchbook and ORANJE work together throughout the year to create unique marketing initiatives that are implemented to promote ORANJE.

After six years of sponsorship, we sat down with the masterminds at Matchbook (Maddie Cole, Julian Estiva, Michael Stark, Christy Gormal, Maris Schiess, Donna Gray and Tyler Sheller) to dig a little deeper into our relationship.

ORANJE: Why does your business continue to sponsor ORANJE?

Matchbook: ORANJE stands for what we believe in as a creative agency. We partner with ORANJE because we, ourselves, are ORANJE; a creative group of individuals from all walks of life who come together against all odds to accomplish a goal that is bigger than we are. Plus, ORANJE is flat out fun; Ryan always buys into our crazy ideas.


ORANJE: What do you love about ORANJE?

Matchbook: We love how the crazy chaos all comes together to create something beautiful. Like ORANJE, we like to think of ourselves as a scrambly, chaotic mess that transforms into something great.

We also love the ability to push our creative fantasies into reality. ORANJE is one of our most valued partners for many reasons. If we had to choose one of our top reasons that ORANJE is great, which there are so many to choose from, one would be that it is a designer’s paradise, and we all walk away with a new way of finding art in everything.


ORANJE: Tell us a little bit about Matchbook…what should our audience know about your business?

Matchbook: Matchbook Creative isn’t just a full-service agency in the business of advertising. We’re an eclectic group of individuals, artists, writers, photographers, thinkers and oddballs in the business of people.

We work with an array of organizations and clients from small town not-for-profits to large national campaigns, but the one thing they all have in common is great people. We are passionate about our clients and we always want to knock their socks off.

We work for you and with you, and ORANJE is a great example of a Matchbook Creative partnership done right: passionate people, creative minds and impossible expectations working together to produce one unbelievable result.


ORANJE: How has your relationship with ORANJE benefited your business?

Matchbook: ORANJE has helped us become part of the Indianapolis scene. Just because a business is located in a city does not mean that they become a part of that city. Some businesses just sit back and turn out work; ORANJE has allowed us to really get involved and experience the greatest parts of Indy, and to produce phenomenal work at the same time.

ORANJE has also given us the ability to work with some amazing people. We love doing creative work but we appreciate getting to work with awesome people even more. The whole crew at ORANJE somehow understands our way of thinking, and we theirs, and it’s great!


ORANJE: What are you most looking forward to at ORANJE 2013?

Matchbook: Hmm, hard to pick just ONE thing. The artists are always entertaining. It’s nice to get to mingle and talk with the artists about their work and find out what their inspiration is and where they’re going next.

Of course the bands keep us busy. It’s almost impossible to choose which floor to be on at what time in order to try to listen to everybody. We’re all about supporting local artists, and our musical ones definitely keep our ears on their toes.

But if we had to choose one thing, it would definitely be seeing the team that organizes ORANJE bask in the rays of their success. It’s that one night where we get to see the whole team come alive and put on the awesome show they’ve been working so hard on, and that we get to be a small part of. (Oh, and we love a good cocktail, too!)


ORANJE: What’s your favorite thing about Indianapolis?

Matchbook: That’s like asking what our favorite part about life is! Too hard to narrow it down. From Fridays at the Murphy Building to the Food Truck Festivals, we love it all. There’s always something to do in “Naptown” and we like to have a hand in all of them.

ORANJE is a prime representation of all that is great in Indy; local artists, crafting exquisite pieces (be they lyrics, poems, paintings, sculptures, songs, brews, clothes, etc.) and working together to support one another.


Sponsor Spotlight: Kolman Dental

Do you have a cool dentist?

Paul Kolman, owner of Kolman Dental, is known around Indianapolis as the Rock n Roll Doc due to his close connection with the local music scene. Maybe you’ve seen his logo on a flyer for a concert or one of the many events put on by My Old Kentucky Blog, NUVO or A Squared Industries. Or perhaps you’ve seen him out at a show wearing a Kolman Dental shirt enjoying some music with his wife. Whatever it is, Paul Kolman has been making his name known around town as being not only a great dentist but an advocate of Indianapolis culture.

226785_1046278670038_6263_nKolman started sponsoring shows about four years ago with Andy and Annie Skinner of A Squared Industries. That’s when he was connected with MOKB, where one of the booking agents started referring to him as the Rock n Roll Dentist…and the nickname stuck! Since then, he has continued to sponsor shows around Indianapolis and support local artists, including some of his favorites like Red Light Driver, Pravada, Hotfox, Breakdown Kings and Grey Granite. “There are so many great people involved in our music scene from bands to promoters to club owners,” said Kolman. “It has been a joy to get involved.”

So what makes Kolman Dental different from your average dentist’s office? Well let’s start with the atmosphere. Kolman’s love of music has resulted in a large collection that includes many local artists, which gives his patients a chance to appreciate new tunes that they may not have discovered otherwise. Not to mention the panoramic views of Broad Ripple and comfortable setting. “Whether I am fixing someone’s teeth or helping with instructions on how to care for their smile, my overall goal is to help. I love that I get to meet and see new people everyday.”

This will be the second year in a row that Kolman Dental has sponsored ORANJE, and it’s the first time he has sponsored an event that wasn’t solely music-related. “I liked the overall idea of ORANJE. I found that ORANJE’s audience was very compatible with the type of atmosphere that we have at Kolman Dental. I think the mix of music and art is perfect; I love that some of my favorite artists are showcasing their work while my favorite local bands are playing.”

Kolman suggests that you check out Shimmercore playing as a full band, and artists Stuart Sayger and Justin Vining. Keep up with Kolman Dental on Facebook, Twitter and their website.

No Bad Ideas Clothing Company

An international brand based in Indianapolis, No Bad Ideas is an eclectic street-inspired headwear company trying to put their footprint on pop culture. It’s no surprise that this company is a perfect fit to be a sponsor of ORANJE, seeing as they support the creative movement around Indianapolis and beyond.

No Bad Ideas headwear line has something for everybody, including a wide variety of baseballs, snapbacks, 5 panels, fashion silhouettes and cold-weather knits. Locally, promoters from IndyMojo to Rad Summer to Crush Entertainment are utilizing the company to create a line of custom hats, and nationally the hats have been spotted at festivals from Pitchfork to Forecastle and even on the TV show Graceland. Local music groups such as Heavy Gun Blog and Cut Camp have worked with No Bad Ideas for support on their projects and photo shoots.


Founded by Andy Moss, No Bad Ideas is a company that goes against the grain, supporting creative self-expression and people with a DIY mentality. “We like to support the artistic community, and ORANJE is the number one event in town when it comes to showcasing a wide range of talent across different mediums,” said Moss.

No Bad Ideas came up with three unique hat designs for ORANJE in 2012, which have been wildly popular, and is releasing a new design this year for ORANJE 2013, which should be available soon. Although you might not associate Indianapolis with street/urban culture, No Bad Ideas is keeping the company in the Midwest to bring that mentality here. “We love everybody that’s following their dreams!”


You can find hats by No Bad Ideas at local, independent retailers or on their website. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter! If you’d like an ORANJE hat, you can buy one in our online merch store.


ORANJE 2013 Lineup

We’re so excited to announce the ORANJE 2013 lineup for October 12 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds!

First, we’d like to give a big thanks to everyone who submitted to be a part of ORANJE. We wish we had room for more, as it was a tough decision for our music and art juries. We take submissions every year from April 1 through May 31 via our website, so if you missed it this year, you can start preparing for ORANJE 2014 in the meantime!

Artist Lineup:

  • Mike Altman
  • Iggy Arana
  • Stella Brickel
  • Phil Cecil
  • Caren Charles
  • Callie Croom
  • Homeless Cop
  • Jonathan Foerster
  • David Gerena
  • Drew B. Hall
  • Izaak Hayes
  • Mallory Hodgkin
  • Christina Hollering
  • Amanda Keller
  • Melissa Kinnett
  • Robert A. James
  • Bruce Lowenthal
  • Lauren Maurer
  • Kristen Neufelder
  • Quincy Owens
  • Jason Rowland
  • Stuart Sayger
  • Susan Shorter
  • Jimm Showman
  • Gavin Smith
  • Jon Smith
  • Ryan Spencer
  • Starsprinkle Supercollider
  • Josh “Shadow” Tennison
  • Tatu Billy Witch Doctor
  • Justin Vining

Music Lineup:

  • Rugged Russian Bear
  • Shimmercore
  • Landmarks
  • Black Cat Rebellion
  • The Bearded Lucys
  • Jomberfox
  • Tied To Tigers
  • The Bright White
  • Swig
  • Audiodacity
  • PoundPoundPound
  • jFET
  • Magnetic
  • Jeremy Daeger
  • DJ Christian
  • Cool Hand Lex

As part of the music lineup, we’ll also have a Beats & Breakfast Lounge presented by Bringing Down The Band and Cut Camp, including Rusty Redenbacher, The ProForms, John Stamps, Ghost Town Collective, Breakdown Kings, Jaecyn Bayne, Indian City Weather, Grey Granite, Blake Allee, DJ Monte Carlo, SIrius Blvck, The Lost Kings and R-Juna & 3rd Eye Visionaries.

ORANJE Merch Page now live right here on our site!

Just a quick holiday shout out to everyone, and a few words from ORANJE Headquarters! 

As we sit here in our cozy, humble office on this snowy, winter day, we just want to thank everyone for their support in 2012. It was, without a doubt, the biggest year yet for ORANJE, as we not only held the 11th annual ORANJE event in September at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, but we also embarked on few new journeys. Our montly First Saturday showcase, which we launched back in May, has gotten off to a great start with a building crowd each month. We host these intimate live music showcases at Sabbitical, located at 921 E. Broad Ripple Avenue in Indianapolis. Please come see us and the great acts we host each month at Sabbatical. We always have ORANJE merch for sale, and regularly conduct giveaways with our sponsors, such as Pabst and Ketel One.

Additionally, through partnerships with Pabst Blue Ribbon and No Bad Ideas Clothing, we have finally launched our merchandise page on our site. Please check out the ‘Merch’ link for more info, including pricing on hats and our special offer on PBR tee shirts! 

Finally, we have been working hard over the past several months on putting together some great new events and ideas that will help shape the future ORANJE. More information will be released soon about a springtime event that is in the works, as well as some other key news that we are very excited to announce. 

Please stay tuned to the site and our social media outlets for these announcements, as well as information about ORANJE 2013. Artists & musicians: submissions for ORANJE 2013 will once again be done through our web submission form, and will be open from April 1-May 31 only. Be sure to check back during those dates to submit for ORANJE 2013. 

Until next time, everyone have a safe and Happy New Year. See you in 2013!

Indulge Your Senses!