ORANJE 2013 Lineup

We’re so excited to announce the ORANJE 2013 lineup for October 12 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds!

First, we’d like to give a big thanks to everyone who submitted to be a part of ORANJE. We wish we had room for more, as it was a tough decision for our music and art juries. We take submissions every year from April 1 through May 31 via our website, so if you missed it this year, you can start preparing for ORANJE 2014 in the meantime!

Artist Lineup:

  • Mike Altman
  • Iggy Arana
  • Stella Brickel
  • Phil Cecil
  • Caren Charles
  • Callie Croom
  • Homeless Cop
  • Jonathan Foerster
  • David Gerena
  • Drew B. Hall
  • Izaak Hayes
  • Mallory Hodgkin
  • Christina Hollering
  • Amanda Keller
  • Melissa Kinnett
  • Robert A. James
  • Bruce Lowenthal
  • Lauren Maurer
  • Kristen Neufelder
  • Quincy Owens
  • Jason Rowland
  • Stuart Sayger
  • Susan Shorter
  • Jimm Showman
  • Gavin Smith
  • Jon Smith
  • Ryan Spencer
  • Starsprinkle Supercollider
  • Josh “Shadow” Tennison
  • Tatu Billy Witch Doctor
  • Justin Vining

Music Lineup:

  • Rugged Russian Bear
  • Shimmercore
  • Landmarks
  • Black Cat Rebellion
  • The Bearded Lucys
  • Jomberfox
  • Tied To Tigers
  • The Bright White
  • Swig
  • Audiodacity
  • PoundPoundPound
  • jFET
  • Magnetic
  • Jeremy Daeger
  • DJ Christian
  • Cool Hand Lex

As part of the music lineup, we’ll also have a Beats & Breakfast Lounge presented by Bringing Down The Band and Cut Camp, including Rusty Redenbacher, The ProForms, John Stamps, Ghost Town Collective, Breakdown Kings, Jaecyn Bayne, Indian City Weather, Grey Granite, Blake Allee, DJ Monte Carlo, SIrius Blvck, The Lost Kings and R-Juna & 3rd Eye Visionaries.